LED Wall Pack Lights

LED Wall Pack Lights

They come in different varieties such as traditional LED Wall Packs, cut off LED wall packs, architectural LED wall packs and the mini LED wall packs. Classic Wall Packs are usually designed for security purposes. Their high-quality lighting makes them the best choice for illuminating outdoor areas that are hard to see and that require constant supervision. They were built to endure and last under harsh and humid weather conditions. They also provide a low glare and are impact resistant, making them an excellent choice for just about any purpose.

LED has better light distribution and focuses light in the direction needed, instead of pointless places that require no light which wastes energy. That is the reason why exterior wall pack lighting fixtures are typically used for lighting up landscapes, parking lots, office complexes, warehouses and convenience stores. They work great as building security because they can be time controlled, where the light switch goes off during daylight hours and automatically lights up during the night. This saves energy and will make sure you have lighting only when you need it.

LED Wall Pack Lights in Sacramento and Bay Area

LED wall lights have revolutionized the design of interiors and lighting. Reliability, efficiency, a high degree of protection, as well as a variety of sizes, shapes, and color glow made LED wall pack lights leaders of design. These models fit perfectly in a variety of interiors and make it easy to embody the bold design ideas.

LED Wall Pack Lights: types and parameters of lighting

LED lighting can be used in residential areas and at production facilities. The cost of LED wall lamps depends on several parameters: the degree of protection of the materials, the appearance, and brightness. Therefore, it is practically impossible to choose LED wall lights without specifying its technical characteristics, leaning only on a photo. For example, conventional LED lamps cannot be installed in bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity. Such areas should use fixtures with a degree of protection IP65. Such waterproof lights can even be rinsed with running water, but you can’t put it in the water.

Industrial LED Wall Pack Lights

Industrial LED Wall Pack Lights, in contrast to conventional lamps, are used in production facilities for producing a bright and uniform light, such appliances are the industrial group. They can be installed in areas with high levels of dust, dirt, moisture and low temperature. Typically, these lamps have a degree of protection IP66. Also, such Wall Pack Lamps can be used for illumination of basements and garages. Thanks to a unique adjustable wall mount, these lamps are useful for illuminating work areas such as workshops and car repair shops.

LED Wall Pack Lights for office and retail space

LED Wall Pack Lamps usually mount on the wall in commercial offices and homes. Properly directed bright decorative lighting can change the look of the interior, emphasizing the essential accessories and design objects. LED Wall Pack Lights are best suited for lighting gardens, hallways, as well as interior lighting. These lamps are, usually, equipped with sensor.
LED Wall Pack Lights from our company VITLAMPS are ideal for use in public and commercial buildings in San Francisco or California. Lighting devices of this type can be used for general and local lighting and can divide the space into different functional areas. They are perfect for downlighting outdoor and indoor areas.

Advantages of LED Wall Pack Lights

  • Durability. The service life of LEDs is about 50 000 hours.
  • Energy efficiency. The power consumption of LED lighting have considerably lower tube counterparts.
  • Environmentally friendly. LEDs, in contrast to the gas discharge lamps, do not contain harmful substances and do not require special disposal.

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