LED Street, Parking Lights

LED Street, Parking Lights

The concept of "street light" brings together a variety of lighting devices. Among them: luxurious park lights and subtle illumination of facades, sconces, pendants and all kinds of garden bollards.

Street lights: for homes, offices, and estates

Street lights can illuminate a small private courtyard a street, can emit a mysterious light and can provide bright directional beams. It is all about street lamps. It is impossible to imagine any city nightlife without Street Lights for today.

The evening offers us a world of other lighting products, designed to emphasize the architectural elements of buildings or designate storefronts. Street lighting of facades, inconspicuous during the day, running the show at night, attracting attention with its impressive gentle flickering light.

Street lights are useful in everyday life. Street poles are very popular among the owners of private houses with garden plots. In broad daylight, it has an elegant and beautiful design, and it is indispensable when illuminating garden paths at night.

Advantageous of LED Street, Parking Lights

Outdoor LED Street lights and parking lights are the future of street lighting. It allows you to reduce power consumption by 2.5-3 times and increases the comfort of staying in their area of use in the dark for the drivers and pedestrians.

Other advantages of LED street lamps and spotlights:

  • LED Street lamps with photocell allow to reduce peak loads on the grid at the moment of inclusion, as in contrast to traditional HID lamps it doesn’t have power jump at this point.
  • It is very effective to use LED spotlight for architectural lighting. In addition to the already described reduction of energy consumption, it is quite important to note that the service life of LED street lamps lasts much longer. The procedure for replacing street lamps by itself (particularly when illumination of high-rise buildings) is a complicated process, so it is better to face less often.
  • You can buy LED Street lamps for any task: from the road lighting of different categories, courtyards, parking lots, and parks, to the illumination of buildings, monuments, fountains, etc...
  • it is very easy to maintain

An additional and important argument in favor of using LED Street Lights is strength and shockproof properties. It is more resistant to vibration, and vandal-resistant features of the console housing exceed traditional (non-LED) street lighting. Roughly speaking, snow break will not be possible. By the way, the temperature difference is also less scary for street LED luminaries. They work great in quite severe frost. LED lights are fine technological solutions.


Street lights are constantly faced with the adverse effects of the environment. They work in the snow and rain, and when the dust settles on it in the heat. Moreover, cars are driving, children playing, pets running around near these lighting, the risk something will be overturned or broken is very large. Manufacturers of LED street lamps provide varying degrees of protection from external influences.

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