LED Panels, Troffers

LED Panels, Troffers

LED Panel (or Troffer lights) appeared only recently in today's lighting market and completely replaced raster fixtures. These lights can be called universal because they successfully used in illuminating of shopping, entertainment and exhibition centers, business companies, hospitals, schools, cafés, restaurants and other facilities. You can effectively set light accents with their help. Spaces can be divided into functional areas by highlighting or darkening specific locations. You will elevate the interior having established stylish spotlights in the office or the trading floor, make it original and sophisticated. However, LED panel should be chosen wisely and carefully in order to create such an effect. You can choose LED Panels luminaires in “VITLAMPS” in Sacramento.

Where can you use LED Panels

LED panels are mostly used for commercial and office buildings, but they will fit perfectly in modern interiors in flats and houses with suspended or drop ceiling. It’s preferred LED panel with a "warm white" color of LED light sources is perfect for cafes, restaurants, and home interiors. LED panels are ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Our LED lights solutions are proposed at a competitive market price.

Economic Benefits of buying LED Panels

A LED panel is regarded to as a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to the traditional lamp light sources. There is a practice for today to replace raster fixtures with fluorescent lamps to LED panels. This is the most rapidly developing area; the volume of sales is growing all the time.

Energy saving issues are becoming more relevant due to the growth of tariffs for electricity. That is why for large areas the transition to LED lighting is noticeable regarding cost minimization. The important aspect - substantial savings of energy consumption and as a result decrease of payments for electricity is significant for end-users as well as large enterprises. What is the great news? REBATE. If you buy LED Panels at “Vitlamps”, you can save your money, and we will help you with all paperwork for FREE.

Advantageous of buying LED Panels

LED panel lighting is much easier to maintain and does not require funding for frequent replacement of light sources. An important feature of the LED panels is that their optical technology provides excellent color, whereby the colors are also transmitted naturally as in daylight. LED panels emit light, very similar in their spectral composition with natural sunlight.

LED panels do not heat in the process of ceiling, do not flicker and operates very quietly. Another significant advantage: the elements of the LED panels are not subject to aging and destruction, LED panels are not afraid of the many on/off cycles. It provides high durability and performance at low temperatures. 

LED panels are environmentally friendly lighting fixtures unlike lamps with fluorescent light fixtures, which are composed of particles of heavy metals. Power surges do not affect the service life of LED panels. LED panels can be classified as ultra-thin LED lamps. Ultra slim LED flat panel ceiling lights have significant advantages over fluorescent panels.

Main advantages of LED panels:

  • energy saving higher up to 5 times compared with incandescent lamps;
  • emit light only in the desired direction;
  • significantly longer life;
  • do not produce infrared radiation;
  • do not emit harmful ultraviolet rays;
  • do not emit excessive heat;
  • do not require time to warm up or shut down;
  • no problems with the disposal of the light sources;
  • simple and flexible installation.

Consider the size and suitable shape when planning to buy a LED Panel, because it will transform your room! They can add originality and style to the overall look of the room and with the help of illumination, you can easily select the desired object in the interior. Flat lights LED panels are excellent substitutes of natural lighting.
We have presented different models of LED panels in Sacramento and Bay Area. You can rate excellent balance between value and money at «VitLamps» store. Contact our managers for more details or if you have any questions!