LED High Bay Lights

LED High Bay Lights

High Bay light acquired its modern look passing all the stages of evolution of lighting fixtures. The first light source was the hearth, later torches appeared, and only after it - the lamps. It changed not only their purpose and method of use. Different people gave them unusual names. In recent years, we have our own new technologies such as LED lamps. We offer factory lights, lamps for warehouses and hangars as well as schools and hospitals lights. 

Company «VITLAMPS» offers a large variety of High Bay lights fixtures for various applications. Our company supplies light for offices and administrative facilities, retail space, industrial, educational and medical institutions. Since our company is connected to the Rebate program, we also help with the paperwork for the refund. The main problem is the paper work, and we will do it for you.

The application of modern production and using high-quality components technologies guarantee high-quality products and full compliance with the stated specifications over its entire service life. 

What are High Bay lights?

High Bay lights - are instruments for general and local illumination of premises for different purposes. The main feature of these devices is the method of attachment: these lighting fixtures are mounted by using cable hangers. The height can be adjusted by varying the length of the rope for the luminary arrangement.

High Bay lamps from the company «VITLAMPS» are characterized by high reliability, ease of installation and low power consumption.
Shells lighting fixtures are made of steel, aluminum or plastics. Cases LED hanging lamps, as a rule, at the same time perform the function of the radiator module, ensuring effective heat dissipation.

High Bay Lights for Manufactories, Hangars, and Warehouses

Our company «VITLAMPS» offers a range of High Bay luminaires for lighting spaces such as manufactories, hangars, and warehouses. We offer product solutions for every type of commercial or public areas. The range includes devices for general and local lighting. Our company presents lighting fixtures with energy-saving LED-technology. The ability to adjust the cable length of the suspension allows hanging lamps, even at high ceiling heights.

Industrial High Bay lights

It is known that industrial facilities are characterized by aggressive environments: high temperatures, humidity, and dust content. These characteristics impose a number of requirements and lighting equipment. To organize the illumination for the objects of this type, it is recommended to use high power lamps with a high degree of IP, made of durable wear resistant material. On our web site, you can find hanging lamps for industrial and warehouse facilities of various types. 

Buying High Bay lights in Sacramento or San Francisco is easy. Pay attention to such details while choosing:

  • illumination depends on ceiling height and size of the premises;
  • specifications affect the nature of light;
  • the design must be integrated with the interior, which is not a problem thanks to the range;
  • sphere of application impacts on the shape and height of the lamp;
  • suspension lamp type can be made up of cable, pipe, etc.

Pendant lights are of great importance in interior appearance. The bright rooms look harmonious with the directional flow of light and dark - when scattered. Shop the choices on special models, where there are several light sources for lighting large areas. Our luminaires have a competitive market price. 

We will help you to choose the right light. You can chat with us on our page on Facebook, e-mail us or call! We are looking forward to your questions!