LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

Flood Lights is a lighting device, which feature is the use of the reflector and/or the focusing lens around the light source (lamp or LED). The lamp can produce a light output of high strength on its own but the light is scattered without the reflector, and the illumination distance is minimized. Rays are focused to form a single powerful beam due to the reflective surface of the light. The beams are formed in different shapes depending on the type of the reflector. There are spotlights in the design combining the reflecting surface (hyperbolic mirror) and a unique lens. This combination increases the effectiveness of the spotlight and maximizing the range of illumination. The most common type of spotlight has always been the metal halide spotlight. Metal halide lamps have a bright glow, but they also have many disadvantages such as its fragility, brittleness, high thermal efficiency, etc.

All these disadvantages can be avoided, with the advent of LED technology and increasing its distribution. LED products are continuously improving and expanding in range. LED Flood Lights have recently started to be produced on the basis of LED elements. Now you can buy LED Flood Lights in Sacramento and Bay Area.

Advantages of LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights consume ten times less electricity at an identical light output compared with the metal halide. In addition, these projectors have a number of advantages over other sources of direct light:

  • long life (work to failure up to 50 000 hours);
  • small heat;
  • high strength (flood lights are capable of operating in all weather conditions at temperatures from -30 to + 70 degrees, it is resistant to vibration and various mechanical stress);
  • work at a safe (low) voltage, the installation of external LED Flood Lights provide substantial savings;
  • LED spotlights do not produce infrared or ultraviolet emission spectra, which mean that the lamps of this type do not attract the attention of a variety of flying insects;
  • the product does not contain any hazardous or harmful components, and there are no specific recommendations for disposal;
  • there is no need for maintenance of LED spotlights;
  • spotlight housing is made of materials that resistant to corrosion and has a high degree of protection IP - it means that it is neither afraid of dust, nor rain, nor snow, and it is ideal for outdoor installation.

These features of exterior halogen flood lamps speak for themseles. 

Where you can use LED Flood Lights

The sphere where LED Flood Lights can be applied is very extensive:  
illumination of manufactures and trade buildings, warehouses, streets, parks, stadiums, bridges, and tunnels. It is appropriate to install LED Flood Lights for decorative lighting, illumination of buildings and constructions of various advertising structures, billboards, signs, monuments, fountains, and pools in the landscape design.

If you look  for billboard lights, advertising LED flood lights or a lamp for a different commercial use, floodlights will satisfy your needs. 

As you can see, there are even more reasons to buy LED Flood Lights than you have imagined. With the company VITLAMPS, you will be able to realize your ideas about lighting the yard, garden, or house with LED Flood Lights. You'll see how the structure or area would transform if it is illuminated by LED lighting.


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Come to our store and select the Flood Light, which will create stunning light effects on any object, whether it's swimming pool at the house or an advertising structure.

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