LED Downlights

LED Downlights

LED Downlights (Recessed Lighting) have replaced the in-ceiling fixtures based on halogen lamps. In most cases, these lamps are made from the high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The number of LEDs can be different: one, three, five, seven, and nine. The LEDs are mounted on the aluminum body of the fixtures. The housing may also be made of ceramic or plastic. The aluminum case has better thermal conductivity so that this light will run longer than the others.

LED Downlights are available in different versions and types. Due to the different systems of fixing ceiling Downlights can be used for ceilings of various designs.

LED Lighting Fixture has a comfortable color reproduction for the human eye. They are not blinding to the eyes; its light is soft and pulsating. They also do not emit any noise.

The economic benefits of LED Downlights

It 's hard to embellish something when talking about the economic benefits of LED Downlights. The figures speak for themselves. LEDs consume three times less energy than other sources of artificial light! You will not face the problem of their replacement during the quarter of a century, once having established it in apartment, office or industries! The service life of LED lamps equal to 100 000 hours! Most ceilings will be ruined, but recessed lights will still work. An important aspect to say: buying LED Downlights in "VITLAMPS" store there is the ability to get some of your money back in one of the electrical companies in Sacramento. Rebate - is another opportunity to save money.

The practice of using LED RETROFIT Lights

LED Downlights are combining the decorative and practical purpose. Regarding practicality, LED Downlights are used for emergency lighting of commercial and residential premises. From the point of view of a decorative purpose, LED Downlights are essential when choosing a lighting design for our homes and apartments.

The role of the LED Downlights in living spaces

Let's talk about the role of LED Downlights in the design of living spaces. LED Downlights are the best to use in the interior fit. For example, LED Downlights can be mounted in a variety of places in the building. The ceiling, walls, floors, niches, stairs, individual pieces of furniture and interior elements - all this can be easily and accurately decorated by using LED lamps. In this case, it is possible to correct accents in the interior, make your home fun, comfortable, modern and of course, more economical.

LED Downlights are best suitable for zoning of rooms. The fact that LED Downlights can be attached not only to a ceiling space but also because of their miniaturization it can be placed in niches, columns, interior, floor, in the walls, interior arches, and other zonation objects. Designers have learned to decorate and zoning room using only light, choosing the right colors, shades, and intensity.

Whoever chooses LED Downlights in our store "VITLAMPS", solves several problems simultaneously - the problem for the economy, the task of creating a stylish interior design and the issue of functionality and security of property lighting in office or industries. If you need a cost-effective and high-quality light for an office, a shop or warehouse - overhead or LED Downlights in the ceiling - this is exactly what you need. We will help you to choose right fixtures for your apartments.

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