LED Canopy Lights

LED Canopy Lights

LED Canopy Lights in Sacramento and Bay Area

It is safe to say that LED lights are the most modern, efficient and economical lighting products for today. The energy is becoming more expensive every year, and the question of saving on lighting will always be relevant especially for such organization like factories, hotels, gas stations in Sacramento and Bay Area. LED lighting will solve this and many other problems without deterioration of light quality. 

Our company offers

Our company VITLAMPS is based in Sacramento. We can supply LED Canopy lights in Sacramento and Bay Area, including San Francisco; we can install canopy lights for gas stations, parking lots, schools, apartments and so on; we can also help with paperwork for the rebate offers.

Outdoor LED lighting can save up to 70% energy compared with traditional light sources. Exterior LED lamps are competitive product solutions. Installing canopy light will significantly reduce energy costs to pay and increase the profits of the enterprise.

Advantages of LED Canopy Lights

VITLAMPS supplies LED Canopy Lights which have the following advantages:

  • economical operations. Energy-saving canopy lights have a small load on the power supply and release large capacity that can be directed to connect other equipment.
  • durability. LED Canopy lamps have a guaranteed lifetime of 50,000 hours (in practice, this figure is doubled) and do not require maintenance during this period. 
  • no stroboscopic effect. LED canopy lights are switched on immediately and do not pulsate. This reduces eye strain and improves working staff productivity. It is easier to work under canopy lighting.
  • uniform lighting. LED canopy lights scatter the light around the room, without any shadow zones. They ensure excellent downlighting and provide maximum safe working conditions.
  • new invention. Transparent plastic for better light transmission
  • there is no need to disrupt canopy seals during installation because canopy LED lights use the existing metal halide light fixture canopy for mounting.

Buying LED lamp is a one-time investment with long-term benefits. LED lights installation will be equally beneficial for production and service companies, gasoline stations and public entities. 

Rebate for Canopy Lights in Sacramento and Bay Area

There are two electric companies, SMUD and PG&E, operating in Sacramento and Bay Area. Each company is connected to certain type of business.
If you are interested in B2B cooperation, we will be glad to discuss the collaboration on wholesale basis and for warehouse industry.
If you have questions or would like to apply, please, welcome. You can call or text us or leave your email so that we could contact you, or you can write to us on our FB account.