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LED Tubes

For nearly half a century, people use tubular fluorescent lamps with cap T4, T5, T8, T9, T10, T12, etc. It is a lamp with socket type T (so-called "telephone"), the figure in the title refers the diameter in inches. These lamps are rather large; they may have a length of 60 to 150 cm. Since they are much bigger than the conventional fluorescent bulbs, the mercury is also much higher. That means the potential environmental damages from the use of such lamps are more substantial.

There is a great alternative to fluorescent tube lamps for today - LED TUBE lamps. In this section of our catalog, we would like to introduce you to LED Tube lights. They are different from fluorescent analogs not only because it does not contain mercury, but also there is no need for special waste. They are also characterized by the complete absence of infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Each of us has heard about the efficiency of these lamps.

Economic Benefits of LED Tube Lights 

Of course, some people still believe LED lamps are too expensive and require considerable time for payback. We would like to dispel this misconception. Due to the rapid development of technologies and a significant reduction in the price of LED production - tube light are now available to everyone. Purchases of LED lamps are now economical investments, which will soon pay for itself. By buying LED Tube lamps, you don't have to think about the additional costs of maintenance and replacement for a long time. It is important to mention that thanks to our Rebate program you can recover part of your money and we will always help you with this question, by doing all the paper work for you!

Benefits of LED Tube Lights

You will appreciate the instant start, no flicking, and light pleasing to the eye in the first days of use. When you get a bill for electricity, you will put a dollar tag on it and appreciate the significant cost savings and material costs from their use.

LED Tube Lights from the company VIT LAMPS are perfect for the budget conscious and creative solutions.

Applications, or why LED Tube lamp is a good purchase?

LED Tube Lights for Offices and Dealer Centers Bright and stylish LED lamps create the most comfortable working conditions. It is easy to fit into any office design.

LED Tube Lights for Interior design

Diffuse daylight would look great in a hallway or other rooms without windows. With this elongated lamp you can adjust the height of the ceiling, or gently illuminate the workplace, creating optimal conditions for the eyes with artificial light.

LED Tube Lights for stylish exterior

Thanks to the robust casing and the special design of this model it is resistant to mechanical damage and can easily withstand temperature extremes in the range of -20 ° to + 50 ° C, making it perfectly suited for outdoor lighting.

You can buy LED Tube Lights for hospitals and commercial clinics; it will be useful for schools and universities; you will save your money if install LED Tube Lamps in warehouses.

Main Advantages of LED Tube Lights

  • reduced power consumption by 3-4 times.
  • the service of life 100,000 hours (11 years).
  • the absence of flicker.
  • good light output;
  • body frame guarded against enclosure of moisture or dust;
  • environmentally safe (comprising no mercury).

Our company VIT LAMPS provides LED Tube Lights in Sacramento and Bay Area. We will always help you to choose the right lamp for proper illumination. We are waiting for your calls and emails!